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Barbie: A Fashion Icon of Timeless Elegance

Barbie: A Fashion Icon of Timeless Elegance
Welcome to fashion’s Barbie-land!

A true icon since 1959, the first ever barbie doll adorned a black and white striped swimsuit with her signature ponytail. With her impeccable taste in clothes and inspiring young women to be, well, whatever it is that they want to be, Barbie has taken over the fashion forwards of this world. The millennials and gen-z have officially entered their barbie-core era. She has painted the town pink with her breathtaking attires which not only scream couture but also chic and diverse.

Here are some of Barbie’s favourites and our bestsellers of the season:

1) Barbie Velvet Mini Dress - An eponymous stand out of the collection, the Barbie dress is elegant and classy with premium velvet and rich satin straps. Available in pink and black, pick your moment and slay!

2) Diana Corset Top - Even during her casual moments, Barbie never fails to look effortlessly cool. If you want to ditch the pinks and still be invited to barbie-land, check out the gorgeous Diana corset available in white and blue.

3)Poster Girl Bralette and Tracks - Barbie’s style is stunning, and this time, it’s all about being stylish and comfortable. The Poster Girl Set is the classic example of being sexy and comfy. So what’s your vibe for today? Iconic pink barbie or classic black barbie?

Also check out our Barbie Theme - May Edit Collection for more looks inspired from this enchanting icon. You could be an avid Barbie collector or just admire her style, this collection is for all of you. Because this Barbie is everything!
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