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Capsule II : LOVE LETTER xx

Capsule II : LOVE LETTER xx

Discover a world of luxurious sophistication and fashion as we unveil our upcoming second capsule collection this month. The modern flair element will make you travel through different styles to make sure you’re always in vogue.

From the flow of cotton to the structure of rib, and with the stretch of satin, this collection has a little something of everything and for everyone. Keeping up with our aesthetic and bestsellers, we have launched some brand new styles that add up to what ‘MAY’ is all about. The utility pieces will definitely be a shopper’s favourite as they combine functionality with fashion. Combining the sexy stretchy satin and the practicality of cargo, we’re giving these styles a new meaning in the name of Vintage Barbie and Jaded.



We are a powerhouse of experimenting with different fashion and style persona and Margot is a product of the same. A playful twist on the classic trench coat, the denim trench dress is a stand out piece.




It’s also a season of co-ord sets at MAY. Pay attention to every detail in our cotton utility set, corset set and the classic rib set. Our color palette for this season is all about pink, red, black and white with a show stopping brown accent.

Our process of creating new fashion styles is a blend of inspiration, innovation, and craftsmanship. We set emerging trends, infuse creative design elements, and pay attention to every detail, resulting in captivating and unique styles that empower individuals to make a statement. Join us in embracing the art of fashion evolution!

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