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MAY ATELIER, formerly ‘Mad About You’ is a luxury ready-to-wear slow fashion brand based in Mumbai, India.

At MAY, we believe in celebrating petite bodies with flattering fits, innovation and finesse. Led by a team of designers, creators, artists and innovators, we are committed to providing the best fitting garments with richness in fabrics. We refuse to compromise on quality by sourcing luxury fabrics and embellishments with trims and details, as an emerging fashion brand. We promise you that our clothes will hug your body like a cozy ray of warm sunshine in chilly winters.

Trend is what makes fashion unique and interesting. We strive to be your ultimate trendsetters by introducing fabulous styles and techniques from all around the world, closer to you, only at MAY. Our clothes are not just classic and timeless but also very stylish and comfortable. And that’s why every babe wants to be a #MAYBABE.

Note From The Founder


"Clothes have always been a part of me, dressing up has always been what I do best. MAY is the most natural extension of who I am, helping young girls and women feel their best is what I'm passionate about."

"More than individual pieces, I'm all about creating a look. And the main accessory for pulling any look off is confidence. I want to use my experience and mistakes - that I've learnt from - to help young girls and women take chances with their fashion choices, with confidence."

"I don't want young girls and women to feel intimidated by Western and European Brands. I'm all about bringing more choices to the Indian market. More importantly, I'm specially curating these collections, including all the accessories, for those who want to make a statement: taking trends and owning them with individuality and confidence.❤️